2015 Legislative Session

Just some bills I’d like to see proposed in the 2015 Legislative Session

1. Budget – Reduce (preferred) or balance the budget without raising or creating new taxes or fees.
2. Right to Work – no employee should be forced to pay union dues (or fair share) as a condition of employment.
2. Constitutional Carry – Allow non-felons and those without a domestic protection order to carry concealed without permit.
3. Corporate Tax – Encourage business growth and migration to NH by lowering rates below neighboring states, partially offset with an increase in sin taxes.
4. Education – Transfer special needs student costs from local school districts to DHHS.

Random Thoughts

Establish a Fraud, Waste and Abuse Program where whistle blowers would receive a percentage (10% up to $100,000) of any budget reduction directly resulting from their reporting of a fraud, waste or abuse situation. Anyone who has spent time in or around any government entity knows there are significant opportunities for budget reductions here.

Establish a mechanism where towns\schools can create technology districts (similar to solid waste districts) where resources can be pooled to better serve the technology needs of our smaller towns and schools.


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  1. Brian Seaworth December 2, 2014 / 7:53 PM

    Regarding the Fraud, Waste and Abuse program. This bill was passed two session in a row by the House, but both times was killed by the Senate.

    The Senate tends to write a lot less about why they kill things than the House does, so I don’t know the details. It doesn’t look like Rep. Flanagan is going to submit the bill again this time. He would be the one to talk to about why it failed and what might be possible to get through politically.

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