Letter to the Editor

Last week I sent the following letter to the Concord Monitor, Suncook Sun and Hooksett Banner – so far only the Sun has printed it.  I thought I might post it here to get a little more exposure.  Please vote on Tuesday.


Lack of Leadership from a Tax and Spend Liberal

Richard DeBold is a nice guy, has a nice family and served various roles for 20+ years.  He’s a veteran, a retired state employee and easy to like.  Qualities great in a neighbor but they hardly qualify him for the Legislature.

In 12 years he’s presided over a 44% tax rate increase, he’ll blame the School but the town’s portion has increased 59%.  The budget has increased 30%, and the amount raised by taxes is up 64%, while our valuation increased by just 15%.  His tax and spend policy has fostered a 70% increase in our tax bills.  Have our roads, buildings, or services improved enough to justify the increase? How many more homes need to be sold at tax sale?

As Selectman he appointed a planning board that resists tax positive business growth.  Instead of an inviting business environment our zoning actively drives business away, resulting in numerous lost court battles. Businesses don’t want to come to Chichester and this failure falls squarely at the Selectmen’s feet.

DeBold hired a controversial Fire Chief who was later fired, rehired in another capacity before successfully suing and settling out of court for wrongful termination, only to be fired a short time later for theft. This shows gross lack of leadership and his inability to make hard decisions.

As Richard moves on from Chichester towards better things, ask yourself, what’s his legacy? A couple soccer fields, a trail to nowhere and a 70% increase in our tax bills shouldn’t get your vote.

Jason Weir